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I create opportunities for you to build self-awareness, realign with your values, & take intentional action.

My Approach & Purpose

I use my platform, privilege, & practices intentionally. I believe the oppressive systems in our society benefit when we feel trapped in our pain & keep ourselves small. When we develop self-awareness, heal from trauma, and step into values-based living, we're better able to disrupt the status quo.


My classes, offerings, and memberships are designed to help you return to yourself, understand your impact and potential, redirect you back to your vision, and remind you to take aligned action.


Ways to Work Together

Coaching & Mentorship

1:1 mentorship, group coaching containers, and at-your-own-pace bundles coming soon! These programs will offer tangible mindfulness-based strategies to help you deepen your self-awareness, manage your mental health, reground in your values, and take intentional action rooted in integrity. Sign up below to receive updates.

Yoga & Mindfulness

My vinyasa yoga classes incorporate dynamic movement, conscious breath, and moments of mindfulness. Set to music and designed to shift energy in your mind, heart, and body. With intentional themes and purposeful sequences, you'll leave class feeling more embodied and better able to live your yoga off your mat.

Self Study Sessions

A monthly membership for folks who value inner work and are seeking a conscious community to support them in their personal growth journey. Weekly sessions include mindfulness exercises, journal prompts, group convos, and tangible tools to help you fully integrate and embody mindfulness in your life.

Yoga for
Our Youth

I have 5 years of experience teaching yoga & mindfulness to middle schoolers. My curriculum empowers students to practice self-care, navigate emotional turbulence, and develop social-emotional skills on and off their yoga mats. I'm beginning to mentor educators who want to incorporate mindfulness-based strategies into their classrooms.

Self Study Sessions has helped me so much with expressing emotions I hadn't even realized I had bottled up. I have experienced epiphanies in or after every single meeting we have had, from daily life stuff to deeper, childhood memories. It has also shown me the importance of community. It has taught me how to listen without presumption, purely to hear and see others, rather than waiting to respond.

Dominique, member of Self Study Sessions

Connect on Instagram: @sandyrosenthal

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