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Your mindful membership to build self awareness, realign with your values, and take intentional action

Each session, we explore a theme and practice self-study in the following ways:

yoga-inspired sequences to move stagnant energy & explore how the monthly theme lands in your body


journaling & meditation practices to go inward & practice self study with curiosity and compassion


practice active listening, share what you're moving through, & receive high- leverage group mentorship


acknowledge how you've embodied the monthly theme & make a plan for future sustained aligned action

We purposefully practice multiple modalities and session formats because self-study isn't a one-size-fits-all thing, and often times we need to work through the same things in different ways for it to truly integrate in our minds, bodies, and hearts.


Self Study Sessions is a consciously designed membership for the thinkers, feelers, & doers who:

  • get stuck in their minds and emotions or feel trapped in old patterns and habits

  • value introspection and inner work but are missing community accountability and support

  • seek tools, strategies, and practices to move through the hard shit with more ease

  • crave a life of integrity where they live in alignment with their purpose, values, and desires

  • believe mindfulness and social justice go hand in hand - and know this work can't wait

  • ways the intersections of your identity influence your blieefs, patterns, and reactions in the world around you

  • how to lovingly hold space for your trauma and triggers - and transmute them into powerful guides

  • self-study practices + community support to help you take aligned action and live out your values

  • how to channel loving kindness and forgiveness as crucial tools in your healing and growth journey

  • tangible strategies to help you manage your reactions to your emotions - rather than trying to manage your emotions

  • embodiment exercises to show up as the fullest expression of yourself, no longer held back by limiting beliefs


I'll cut straight to it... you're here because you know our world needs you to show the fuck up.

You've spent too much time playing it small & hiding from your truth. Feeling, saying, believing one thing - then doing another. Giving your energy to the bullshit pulling you out of your power.

Chances are, you're already pretty committed to your mindfulness or healing journey. But you're looking for accountability, consistency, and community to truly step into your most aligned, values-based, integrous expression. That's where this membership comes in.

This community is powerful - but it doesn't always feel like rainbows and butterflies. Together, we build self-study stamina to:

  • confront and unpack challenging experiences, moving toward healing

  • recognize when we fall into old patterns and course correct as necessary

  • understand our negative impact in the world and take action to increase our positive impact

I can't give you any answers because the work happens within you

but as your mentor in this membership, I will:

  • help you investigate limiting beliefs

  • call you forward when you're playing it small

  • redirect you back to your vision and values

  • remind you to take aligned action


I ground in my purpose & commit to vulnerable self-study.

I live out my values & stand proudly in my identity.

I hold space for my pain & validate my experiences.

I use my tools to forgive, release & realign my energy.

I show up in the world with absolute integrity.

I envision & embody my fullest, values-based expression.

I channel my voice & privilege to disrupt oppressive systems.

I celebrate my growth and expansion in even the little moments.


You're willing to dissect the unique intersections of your identity, beliefs, and privilege

You're craving a safe, grounded space to uncover and work through some potentially hard truths

You're ready to honor the thoughts, triggers, and emotions that keep resurfacing over and over again

You're tried many things when it comes to healing and growth, but sense that it hasn't fully integrated

you're clear on your values, passions, and purpose but sometimes struggle to live in full alignment

you feel disillusioned with the spiritual bypassing in the yoga, mindfulness, or energy-work communities

you seek a conscious and inclusive community to help you step into your values-based expression


weekly sessions: moveemnt, inquiry, connection, integration

support & accountability in our private & intimate SSS community - share what you're moving through!

opportunities to connect with Sandy during designated ofice hours & via messaging on Discord app

access to ALL content for the duration of your membership - this work times time to sink in, and youll want to revisit past months

a 1:1 vision setting call with Sandy to share what drew you in and what you're seeking in this space


SSS will officially begin ____

You'll receive an intake form & an oporuntity to sign up for your 1:1 vision setting call shortly after enrolling.

Each month, we'll have ______. In between sessions, you'll have opportunities to connect with other selfs studiers & receive support & mentroship from Sandy through our private community platforms.

Ps. if you can't make it to any of our live calls - DON'T STRESS! All workshops will be just as powerful recorded... I promise!

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