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I use my platform, privilege, & practices with purpose.

I have been teaching vinyasa-based yoga for 5+ years - but I recently took a break to sit with my cognitive dissonance and find a path forward in my teaching career that's in alignment with my values. I'm learning, unlearning, and renegotiating my relationship with our Western colonized yoga industry. I openly admit that I'll likely mess up over and over again. But I'm committed to engaging in dialogue, continuously learning and unlearning, and actively repairing any harm I cause. 
I firmly believe that the oppressive systems in our society benefit when women, BIPOC, & queer folks feel trapped in their pain & keep themselves small. When we develop self-awareness, heal from trauma, and step into values-based living, we're better able to disrupt the status quo. Let's commit to the inner work & dismantle the racist, patriarchal, capitalist structures keeping us out of our power. My offerings are here to support you in that journey.

But I'm not the teacher or mentor for everyone.
And I'm 100% okay with that. Because in this moment, I know I'm meant to support likeminded folks who commit to continuous self-awareness and analyze their privileges. Who value radical vulnerability and are willing to let things feel messy. who are committed to being anti-racist in all areas of their lives - yes, even in their wellness and spirituality.

My teachings are rooted in the belief that the personal is inherently political; love and light don't disrupt
systemic oppression; toxic positivity is problematic; mindfulness & social justice go hand in hand.

I call out spiritual bypassing & it enrages me when people suggest "more love & light" alone will heal our society.

I don't live in a spiritual bubble or claim that I am enlightened, and I don't get "codes" that are ready for you to "download."

I believe "light work" and "shadow work" are problematic terms that support racist ideologies.

I think the majority of people teaching about manifestation and abundance fail to analyze how their teachings are inextricably linked to capitalism, privilege, and white supremacy.

I'm here to support you in your inner work and help you develop
self awareness, realign with your values, & take intentional action.

I believe deep healing requires consistent, longterm support from MULTIPLE angles - including professional, medical, community, and spiritual support. I seek to provide safe spaces for spiritual & community support - but will NEVER suggest that my services are a sufficient substitute for professional or medical help.
I know a lot of harm has been caused in the healing, wellness, and coaching industry from people who do not have certifications, from people who whitewash ancient spiritual teachings, and from people who unintentionally re-traumatize members of their communities. As I offer programs in this community, I commit to staying fully transparent with my work and my purpose. My offerings are informed by my experience navigating my generalized anxiety disorder and depression. They're rooted in yogic philosophy & mindfulness practices that I've learned in my journey as a student and instructor (ERYT200). They're strengthened by the skills I've developed as a public school educator. That said - I am not a licensed therapist or a healer. And I won't pretend to be. But if my classes, memberships, or coaching programs feel like a good fit for where you are in your multi-faceted healing journey, I can't wait to welcome you with open arms.

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